Do you know someone with a disability who struggles with understanding relationships and boundaries?

Lack of Knowledge

Individuals with I/DD often struggle with relating to others due to a lack of awareness of social boundaries and appropriate interactions.

At Risk

 Individuals with I/DD are at much higher risk for sexual abuse and coercion. Concepts regarding assertiveness, self-protection and bodily autonomy are often missed in the school setting. 

Building Connections

Education is the key for all individuals to lead healthy and happy lives. Promoting social autonomy and safe relationships through education can really make a difference in the lives of people with I/DD.

Our caregiver training provides you with 12 self-paced video modules (2 hours of material) which gives a broad overview of each type of relationship, the social boundaries for each type of relationship, and protective factors we teach our students to reduce the risk of sexual abuse.



Building a solid foundation for understanding social-sexual topics is critical for people with disabilities. No matter what age they are, this information is invaluable for their health and safety. 

Information about relationships and social boundaries are often missed in the learning environment. As children and teens grow their social world will change many times. Even as adults, our social interactions are always evolving. Individuals of all ages can benefit from this information to help them create healthy and safe connections with others and navigate their community with confidence.


The Healthy Relationships Caregiver Training

Build Foundational Knowledge

In this training you'll learn about concepts related to personal space, assertiveness, and recognizing coercion. The relationships covered include Self, Family, Friends, Acquaintances, Strangers, & Couples. In addition to these, we also discuss Public vs. Private concepts that help to build a foundation for safe and appropriate social interactions. 


Our training includes:

  • Simple language about how we break these concepts down for students and why they are important to teach
  • Concepts that are appropriate for ANY school aged individuals, through adulthood
  • 12 self-paced modules so you can complete your learning experience when it is convenient for you (total of 2 hours of material)


**This training does not contain any explicit materials, images or information about sexual intercourse


 Our course is designed for parents, siblings, teachers, aides, therapists, or any other caregiver who works with or cares for a person with an intellectual or developmental disability. There are no specific qualifications necessary and students can be any age for this information to be relevant. 

If you are looking for concrete information to help someone navigate their social community, then this training is for you!

Begin Changing Lives Today

Course Access


With the purchase of our training, you'll gain immediate access to all 12 video modules outlining the different types of relationships and the boundaries associated with each type.