Our Mission

SEEDS Therapy Center, Inc. brings focused training and behavioral support to address social-sexual behaviors. In particular, it increases relationship formation and boundaries, public versus private behaviors, and awareness of social sexual legalities to decrease law enforcement interventions and prevent sexual exploitation. SEEDS provides behavioral intervention and skill acquisition training within the following life domains: Adaptive Daily Living Skills, Social Skills, Communication, Health and Safety, Sex Education, Behavior and Community.

SEEDS offers a variety of outpatient therapeutic services for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as those with Social Communication Disorder, Emotional/Behavioral Disorder, and Learning Disabilities. Typically, SEEDS focuses our interventions on adolescents, teens and adults, however individuals of all ages may be assisted within this area.

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Our Approach

SEEDS provides a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to treating our clients. By using a collaborative approach, we can use our expertise to assist each individual and their family to create a comprehensive treatment plan that follows their family values and focuses on the strengths and interests of our client. SEEDS uses a current evidence-based practice within the areas of Behavioral Health, Mental Health, and Family Life Education to treat all of our client’s needs.

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Types of Intervention

Outpatient services are developed by a team of specially trained and licensed professionals who provide varying levels of support and education, creating a collaborative approach. Services may include, but are not limited to: