In 2019 Machado Behavioral Consulting and SEEDS Educational Services merged to create a new innovative approach for providing treatment to individuals within the social-sexual umbrella. SEEDS Therapy Center is a collective space where we provide individuals and their families a full range of services and resources to empower them to enter adulthood and safely access their community, with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the complex world of relationships.


Amy Machado: Chief Executive Officer/BCBA

Amy Machado is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who presently serves clients in San Diego County. Amy has worked with individuals with developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities and their families, spanning two decades. She has spent her career seeking innovative ABA practices focusing on individualized programming through naturalistic procedures to assist young adults transition smoothly into adulthood and beyond.


Stacy Everson:

Senior Education consultant/ trainer

Stacy Everson is a registered nurse and is nationally certified in Family Life Education (CFLE) and Developmental Disabilities (DDNA). She has been working in the San Diego area since 1987 teaching social- sexual education, assertiveness, abuse awareness/prevention, and developmental disability syndromes to people with developmental disabilities and a variety of service providing agencies, such as Adult and Child Protective Services. She serves as an expert witness in court cases, and is an international speaker on the topics of sexuality and abuse of people with developmental disabilities.


Rachel Schlesinger: Education Consultant

Rachel Schlesinger is an Educational Consultant for SEEDS Therapy Center. She earned her master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling at San Diego State University. She teaches university-level courses on the topic of Disability and Society. Rachel aims to bring her passion for disability awareness and advocacy to the clients, family, and staff of SEEDS Therapy Center.


AnA kieffer: Education Consultant

Ana Kieffer is an Educational Consultant for SEEDS Therapy Center. She is currently working to obtain her degree in Psychology and hopes to continue using the knowledge she receives to better herself at STC. Ana enjoys interacting with clients, families, and staff and creating a welcoming learning space for everyone.


kinsey otto: Contract Manager

Kinsey Otto is the Contract Manager at SEEDS Therapy Center. She is currently attending San Diego State University for her Bachelors in Management Informational Systems. She enjoys working with the staff and helping them and the organization achieve their goals.