SEEDS Curricula

To accommodate the unique needs of our clients, STC has created an in-house curricula to provide comprehensive sex education to people with disabilities. Our researched based material is designed to follow the National Sex Education Standards, core content & skills, for grades K-12


The SEEDS curricula is carefully crafted to provide each learner the tools needed to engage in healthy meaningful relationships to last a lifetime. Not only does our material provide learners with information regarding puberty and reproduction, but we emphasize the nuances of 6 different types of relationships.  With nearly 50 lessons on relationships, students will learn the importance of appropriate behavior and boundaries for themselves and others, which are concepts often overlooked in traditional curriculum.


We have made our Rooted In Connection curricula available for purchase for any school, program, or agency. These include the most popular subjects for building a foundation for relationship appropriateness and safe community access. While we cannot guarantee an abuse-free world, we can provide our students the tools they need to increase awareness of coercion and understanding appropriate boundaries across all types of relationships.

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Our most popular curriculum,  Healthy Relationships (6 part series) includes concepts regarding basic public versus private topics. 

Healthy Relationships focuses on appropriate interactions, boundaries, self-advocacy and identifying coercion. This content is meant for any learner over the age of 13 and does not include sex education.

The Ready To Work curriculum prepares students for workplace, job placement, or volunteer experiences. Ready To Work provides guidelines for appropriate workplace behaviors and boundaries. 

This curriculum is meant for individuals in secondary education, transition programs, and beyond. This set would benefit those who have completed Healthy Relationships.