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To accommodate the unique needs of our clients, STC has created a curricula series using evidenced based practice to provide trauma informed comprehensive sex education to people with I/DD.  All educational materials follow the National Standards for Comprehensive Sex Education core content & skills, for grades K-12 as outlined by SIECUS and aligns with the California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA).

The SEEDS curricula is carefully crafted to provide each learner the tools needed to engage in healthy meaningful relationships to last a lifetime. Not only does our material provide learners with information regarding puberty and reproduction, but we emphasize the nuances of 6 different types of relationships.  With nearly 50 lessons on relationships, students will learn the importance of appropriate behavior and boundaries for themselves and others, which are concepts often overlooked in traditional learning environments. 


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We are hard at work getting our curriculum into online learning modules to ensure that any individual can learn these concepts from the comfort of their own homes or learning environments. We hope to have them ready by Summer 2022. Check back for updates!!

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